Patty Spangenberger (732) 525-5942
Toni Manion (732) 525-5926
Hours of Operation: Tues, Wed, Thurs. 8am - 1pm; 2pm - 4pm

(Form is on SAPD website.)
"When you come into Police HQ; 140 North Broadway; please see the black telephone to your RIGHT. Dial the number posted on the telephone.

Detail who you are and what type of report you are requesting.. If you haven't downloaded your request form, there are forms located to the LEFT of the police dispatch window. Please fill out the front of the form with your personal information. You will need to sign and date the bottom line of the backside of the form upon receiving your requested report."

City of South Amboy Government Records Request Form
Click here to download Open Public Records Act (OPRA) PDF Document